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A Raptor trip through Colorado

Southwest and Central Colorado offer some amazing scenery, hiking trails and offroad trails. We traveled through the area checking out a few trails and experienced some heavy summer rain, something not seen in the drought ridden Southern California area. The trip from Marble Colorado to Crystal Colorado and the famously pictured mill is only a six mile trek on a rough and narrow, but can be performed by many vehicles slowly and carefully. The video shows just after an small hill and a flat drive past a small lake and covers 39 minutes in real time.

The Stormtrooper Look is a Modern Favorite

2013 Ford Raptor Stormtrooper - Raw Horsepower2014 Corvette c7 Stingray Stormtrooper - Raw Horsepower

The popularity of white vehicles as been increasing lately. Some think Apple transformed white to the new "cool" color of style. White vehicles have always been abundant due to their ease of care and the ability to stand out against other color. The most evident color selection with the highest contrast is black on white also known as the Stormtrooper look, sinister and stylish.

Stormtrooper - Raw Horsepower

Check out the Raw Horsepower Stormtrooper vehicle gallery with everything from trucks to supercars from Ford, Chevrolet, Audi, Toyota, Dodge, BMW, Porsche and many others.

The Ford Store Morgan Hill

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Porsche C4, Ferrari F12 and 2014 Corvette Stingray


Motor Trend does the ultimate test for the best drivers car .2014 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta vs 2014 Chevrolet Corvette C7 vs 2013 Porsche 911 C4S! Head 2 Head.


The greatest drag racing rivalry was the story of Don 'The Snake' Prudhomme and Tom 'The Mongoose' McEwen. During the height of this great battle it was so popular Hotwheels and Monagram Models capitalized on the intrigued American youth of the time. This well done adaptation of this great rivalry is coming to theaters on September 6th, 2013. This is a must see for any motorsports fan and those who love a great rivalry story.

Snake & Mongoose Movie Trailer from Snake & Mongoose Movie on Vimeo.


Just added to photo gallery

Wheels and Waves 2013 - Santa Barbara, CA


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Raw Horsepower Blown Skull hoodie

Photos from NHRA March Meet in Bakersfield added to Gallery


Michael Waltrip wants you for his new NASCAR driver

Michael Waltrip looking for new Nascar star

Enter the Stock Car Dream Challeng contest by sending a 90-second video showing why you think you’re the next Stock Car Star. Not a Harlem Shake deal, just a short that shows off why you’re the best driver in the known universe. If you’re chosen, you and nine other drivers will be flown to Charlotte to compete in a three-day driving school, coached by Clint Bowyer, Danica Patrick, and Mikey himself. You could be chosen as the best driver, which means that might make you 1) Michael Waltrip’s one-time driving pal, and 2) the potential owner of a temporary stock car racing license. (That will come in handy if you are chosen and get to take a PEAK stock car around the loop in an attempt at qualifying for an actual race.)


NHRA drivers and fans compete at Sonoma for charity

Fans karting with NHRA drivers at Sonoma

Drag racing fans can go head to head against racers from the NHRA Mello Yello Drag Racing Series on the Sonoma Raceway kart track at the 11th annual NHRA Tour de Charityn. Sign up now before it's too late, great time to showcase your skills with the pros.

Joe Flacco Superbowl MVP wins 2014 Corvette

2014 Corvette Joe Flaco MVP - Raw Horsepower

One of the perks to winning MVP of the Superbowl, is keys to a choice new ride. This years MVP Joe Flacco received keys to red hot 2014 Chevrolet Corvette

Driver thinks Ford Raptor is Class 7 Tropy Truck - Jumps 90 feet

The Ford Raptor was built as a very capable truck from the factory, but leave it to a few Americans we pretend not to know to exceed that capability. The Raptor is a medium travel truck and a great base to go more extreme, but it is not a class 7 trophy truck. Ask the driver of a Trophy truck and they will tell you they can break their truck even with great driving skills and experience. Now throw your average Joe into the Raptor to attempt something he saw on TV and watch the impact on the videos. Note the impact activated the airbags, but the Raptor in offroad mode turns them off to avoid deployment during offroad travel.We are not sure if anyone was hurt but the passenger lays out on the ground after leaving the truck. If these guys were attempting the Huckfest jumps of Pismo Dunes, there is a difference on impact landing on hard ground vs sand dunes.

Seven Easy Ways to Sever Driving Problems

Some vehicular upgrades are complicated, expensive, and prohibitively time consuming.  Though they may achieve substantial results, they take such an investment of one’s skills, money, and time that tuners are often left wondering why they bothered in the first place.  If you’re looking for some quick and easy fixes for your car that can result in either performance improvements, efficiency increases, or both, consider the following seven suggestions on how to amplify and enhance your driving experience.

#1 – Replace the stock hood

The hood on your car that was originally installed by the vehicle’s manufacturer can often be unnecessarily heavy.  Heavy hoods weigh down the car by up to a hundred pounds more than is often necessary, and that increased weight puts extra strain on the engine.  For greater efficiency and improved acceleration, replace that stock hood with a lightweight version.  Carbon fiber and fiberglass hoods both work very well as lightweight alternatives.

#2 – Use a performance chip

Tuning enthusiasts likely know all about performance chips, but for those who don’t, pay attention.  Performance chips are add-ons that can be installed easily in under 30 minutes, can provide your vehicle with up to 60 extra horsepower, and can even save you 4-7mpg in fuel expenditure.  For an upgrade that costs under a hundred dollars typically, those are noteworthy results. 

#3 – Inflate those tires

Keeping your car’s tires properly inflated helps to improve your vehicle’s efficiency.  It also helps prevent tire damage down the road.

#4 – Install an air dam or rear spoiler

These easy-to-install aerodynamic add-ons help to streamline the flow of air when it hits your vehicle, reducing wind resistance and therefore reducing engine strain as well.

#5 – Install a new cold air intake

Conventional vehicular engines require a continuous flow of air to work properly.  Without air, the internal combustion process could not continue.  Air intake systems drive air directly to the engine, but room temperature air doesn't provide as much available oxygen as chilled air.  Using a new cold air intake, you can reduce the temperature of incoming air, providing more oxygen to the engine and therefore greater potential engine power output.

#6 – Stick to sane speeds

As you drive further and further past 55mph, your car’s fuel efficiency drops much more steeply than leading up to 55mph.  So in instances when fuel economy is a top concern, keep your speed to a more manageable level.

#7 – Upgrade when necessary

Performance isn’t always about replacements and upgrades.  Sometimes, you simply need to make sure the stock parts in your car are working they ways they were intended to.  After all, a faulty ignition coil or a hesitating engine isn’t going to do you much good on your next drive.


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