Ford F-150 Raptor Lower Tie Bar Replacement

The Ford Raptor may seem to be a very capable off road truck but it all depends on your individual usage. It’s capability to allow running trails at a higher rate of speed is limited by the unpredictable terrain that can catch even the most experienced driver at times. When running ahead of a group the upmost concentration is needed to assure followers are enjoying the speed while keeping alert for trail hazards and on-coming vehicles that appear at a moments notice. Another part of running within a group is feeling complacent that the lead vehicle will alert any danger when all it takes is a slight loss of concentration to an unforgiving line into a hazard. That leaves the last vehicle in a group performing sweep duties to assist lost friends or vehicles needing assistance.

Having been in all the scenarios mentioned I have found my share of giving and receiving trail assistance. With the accumulation of impacts along the many miles throughout California, Nevada and Baja trails I was in need of some repair. I had a cracked lower tie bar, sometimes called lower radiator mount, that allowed the body mount nut to spin in place. I received a quick weld repair while in for a service on another item as a quick patch. While this worked for a short period I found a sudden accumulation of loud noises from the repair side and discovered the repair was compromised. With the current Covid pandemic occurring the service industry was backed up due to staffing and distancing. A body shop friend had stated the repair is an approximately $3000 job with the disassembly, repair and painting. With the help of my fabrication associate we decided to tackle the job allowing us to add and reinforce components as we see fit. The total of parts was around $300 but took us three days of labor due to painting and dry times, actual mechanical work could be completed in one long day if its your first time without guidance as we discovered. The embed YouTube video was a recap based on pictures and videos taken along the way and edited as best with our available footage to assist others considering the repair.