Raw Horsepower riding with Jarrett in the SVC Offroad Spec Trophy Truck #6177

SVC Offroad brought out their Spec Trophy Truck during Expedition X Offroad’s Group Therapy 2020 in Johnson Valley, CA home of Hammertown. Amazing to experience the difference over whoops and uneven terrain in a race truck compared to the average street legal prerunner.

Ultimate Expedition 2020 with Expedition X Offroad

Raw Horsepower with Expedition X Offroad on a five day run. With no high school graduation this year, it was appropriate to let the kids take some of the driving duties while we escaped lockdown and headed off the grid.

Baja 2020 with Expedition X Offroad

Just before the pandemic Covid hit the world a Northern Baja run with Expedition X Offroad allowed us to cope with the lockdown that soon followed

Baja 2018 with Expedition X Offroad

Annother Baja adventure with Expedition X Offroad and thorough use of our Icon Vehicle Dynamics eqquipped Ford Raptor

El Diablos Infernos

Five days in Northern Baja with Expedition X Offroad running some of the San Felipe 250 routes and many others. Great scenery and fun people make it a great adventure.

Baja Raptor Run with Expedition X Offroad

Our run with Expedition X Offroad on their Return to Baja five day adrenaline adventure. Police escort in Tecate, trip down west coast through Ensenada and San Quintin, over to San Felipe. Handing out stickers and toys to local kids and enjoying great food.

Ford Raptor Mash it to the Mint 400

Club EXO Mash it to the Mint 400 Vegas to Primm, NV to enjoy Mint 400 VIP style Sponsored by Mint 400, Mad Media, ICON Vehicle Dynamics, Rogue Racing, SVC Offroad, Shaffer's Offroad, KC Hilites, KMC Wheels

Texas Raptor Run 2014

Clips from various parts of the entire track. Music from the radio doesn't pick up in good quality through GoPro housing.

Heading to Crystal Colorado via Ford Raptor

Trip from Marble Colorado to the famous Crystal mill and the town of Crystal Colorado. Silver mining town from the 1860s, incorporated in 1881 had as many as 400 people at its peak. Road is a little tight in an 7.5' wide Raptor but a couple very wide suspension Jeeps I passed on the way back were not much different.