Expedition X Off Road Baja Sur Post Trip Teaser

Another expedition through Baja with Expedition X Off Road (EXO) has just finished with a first time through Baja Sur covering over 1500 miles. Always a fantastic group of people some traveling from Louisiana, Ohio, Oklahoma and Canada to enjoy a well organized event. The route encompassed both Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez sides of Baja with beautiful spots in between in an obscure figure eight pattern. The scenery in South Baja contains many Oasis, sandy beaches and historical missions, not to mention great food along the way. While some issues develop along the way, the group is supported by four on trail vehicles with tools and mechanics along with two closely following chase truck/trailer combos along nearby roads. With 25 trucks in total Expedition X Offroad has support already at hotels with check-ins completed, inner reservations set and ready to hand out room keys with after trail beverages waiting. With all dinners and breakfasts included for attendees it makes for an all-inclusive relaxing vacation, with a little adrenaline adventure added.  We will have more details after complete trip report is completed. Always recommended for anyone to explore Baja with safety, organization and experience Expedition X Off Road will give you lasting memories and new friends to enjoy.

Just a few select photos randomly chosen until a gallery is created from ours while we anticipate what EXO creates.


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