Builtright Bedside Storage System

Organization is key to usability in all facets of our lives reducing stress and allowing better time management. With many opportunities available, Builtright Industries has designed products that works greatly for myself personally and may help you as well. I discovered Builtright at the 2018 SEMA Show in Las Vegas displaying their bedside system for pickups and they were chosen as the SEMA 2018 Launch Pad winner. Currently available for Ford F-150 and Superduty the demand has been placed for other trucks as well.

The ingenious design of the Builtright Industries bedside system utilizes the dead space alcoves on both sides. Usually items placed within a pickup bed settle between the wheel wells in the designed four foot space perfect for plywood, drywall, pallets and everything else packaged for truck beds. Other than tie-down points the bedsides can only be used for items crammed in this remaining pocket between your main load.

Builtright Industries system allows four steel grid panels mounted via tie-down mounts and top clamps similar to tonneau cover rails. Available individually or as a complete set the bedside system grid allows various hard mounted clamps for your personal items to remain secure. I purchased the bedside system for my personal use having found needs for more secure mounting of items I carry off-road. Builtright Industries sells Quickfist and Rotopax mounts along with custom riser for added space as needed.


Installing bedside racks is very easy and changes can be made to individual mounts as needed. I found it easier to clamp mounts to grid before install into truck bed but with changes to item mount locations it was not impossible to perform while installed. After a couple tries to perfect my layout I mounted jack handles, Rotopax water and fuel (not shown) jugs along with a 20lb CO2 tank. Now I had to test how secure the system with my needs requiring extended durability.

Timing was perfect for by Builright Industies bedside system to arrive and be installed prior to a 1600 mile Baja, Mexico prerun. The system was subjected to various high speeds with rough roads, corners, hard braking and jumps. How did it perform? Perfect, not a single bolt came loose nor was anything lost. I did find rubber Quick fist clamps (not made by Builtright) had to be very tight for my smooth jack handle for those who may use them. The Builtright system itself was a great utilization of unused space and was flawless even with a CO2 tank mounted through an abusive ride. I highly recommend for those looking for great storage solutions and be patient for other truck designs coming forth.


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