Full Racing Experience to You

by Robert Nimocks

SEMA has such a wide coverage of products besides goodies to customize your vehicle from garage signs to complete racing simulators. On the extreme side we found CXC Simulators who creates one of the most realistic and cost-effective racing simulators available.

CXC Simulators at SEMA 2017

CXC lined up a group together able to race head to head or individually at this year’s SEMA show in Las Vegas. Their low mass motion system employs multiple feedback systems for steering, braking, seat belt tensioner and other feedback transducers. Encompassing this is its 1500W Dolby 5.1 surround sound and wrap-around 1080p video creates a realistic professional racing experience and training tool.

CXC motion pro

The Motion Pro II lets you race on most tracks throughout the world in almost any type of car. Optional quick-change steering wheels can change from GT, open wheel, Kart or Vintage racing. While the system comes equipped with paddle shifters there are optional gated shifters as well as sequential shifters depending on your desires. The standard system offers overs 60 degrees of viewing from a single screen or upgrade to the optional three screen 180 degrees of view. The CXC Motion Pro II has been utilized by many winning race drivers who praise its ability to work the same core muscles while providing the same eye-hand coordination required to skillfully race various tracks.
The attention to detail is evident in its mechanics as well as its realistic high motion video. This must be experienced to believe, it’s no video game, it’s an honest professional training simulator. We would love to have one of these sitting at home.
Wish you could have that flight simulator too, in a couple minutes you can transform the Motion Pro II into a flight simulator by adding their flight compact controls. You have the ability to fly fighter jets, private planes and commercial airplanes over incredible scenery.  More at CXC Simulations…

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