Uplifting Experience with Pro Eagle

by Robert Placencia

Off roading has its unique challenges but replacing a flat tire shouldn’t be one of them. Utilizing a jack in soft terrain has been a challenge by many who have tried aids from planks of wood, rocks or whatever they gather to achieve full lift height. Manufacturers have created extended lift jacks with larger foot pads and others have installed skid plates to floor jacks. While the high lift jacks have a long range, they can only be utilized on the outer vehicle edges. Our preferred option is the skid plate floor jack which allows lifting under the vehicle aiding repair of suspension requiring movement of underside components. While the skid plate jacks are effective the use requires tossing in under the vehicle followed by plowing through the ground to reach your desired position.

Pro Eagle off road jack Raw Horsepower

Pro Eagle comes to the aid with the big wheel skid plate jack. Utilizing high impact plastic wheels allows the jack to easily be pulled and maneuvered into position with little effort. While the wheels can sink into soft terrain allowing the jack to rest on its skid plate, the wheels themselves are capable of supporting the weight on harder ground. The big wheel jacks are available in 2 and 3 ton models. Pro Eagle offers adjustable risers to lift the pad for extended reach locations. Check out their products at Pro Eagle

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