INNOV8 Racing

by Robert Placencia

Innov8 Racing Wheels - Raw Horsepower

Innov8 Racing full forged aluminum wheels are a work of art in person. I know several people running these and they have proven to be tough and beautiful. Being a machinist at heart I can atest to the great millwork on Innov8 wheels and with custom options the colors are almost endless. Available as non-beadlocks, simulated beadlocks and real beadlocks. They are available in 5/6/8 lug patterns prerunner, race vehicle, diesel, chase or crawler with stock lugs and 5/8″ race studs. Standard finishes: Options such as billet center caps available for the street and casual prerunner guys as well as enhanced beadlock rings with drain holes. Raw machined, Gold, Black, Red, Blue, Bronze, Grey, and Clear Anodize and they can do custom finishes also.100% made in the USA. Pictures and video at Innov8 Racing

Innov8 Racing Wheels Ramseys LS1 Prerunner - Raw Horsepower

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