SEMA 2011- The Return of Cars and Girls to Las Vegas

by Robert Nimocks

New Products were plentiful at the 2011 SEMA show in Las Vegas with sales associates eager to veer your attention to their products. While the booth professionals were a distraction, there were some great new products that caught our eye and ear. Stay tuned for testing and evaluation of some new products worthy of opening your wallet for.

For those of you unaware, SEMA is a trade show for all aspects of after-market for cars, trucks and SUVs. SEMA showcases everything from tires and wheels to performance parts and paint, then add stuff for the garage, schools and stuff you wear.

The Ring Brothers unveiled their latest creation with the help of Bill Goldberg. This Camaro follows the same precise design of perfect fit, good looks and raw horsepower. The appropriately named, Diversion Camaro did just that, diverted your attention to a high level of mechanical aptitude and precision craftsmanship. The Ring Brothers avoid the nuances of bright colors to peak your interest, their creations attract your instinct, “there is something with very smooth lines, precise fit and high technology design”, your mind tells you. As you look closely at their work, you notice how beautiful it truly is, even if the color or vehicle is not not your cup of tea, you examine every detail.

The owner of this luxury 2011 Ford Raptor will be taking a couple soldiers along the ride in the Baja 1000. With the help of Affliction and other sponsors this Raptor was modified heavily to handle the Baja 1000 and added 150K to the cost of the Raptor. The owner reported he will have a film crew covering the entire event to showcase the trip. The work was performed by (ADD) Addictive Desert Designs in Mesa Arizona. ADD develops products for most trucks, Jeeps and SUVs and caters to the desert off road community. The recent popularity of the Ford Raptor has brought forth a new clientele eager to improve the performance and handling. ADD answered the call with quick development of several new suspension components to improve the speed and handling characteristics of the Raptor.

There was quite a collection of Firebird Trans Am conversion utilizing the new Chevrolet Camaro, but what caught our attention was this GTO Judge conversion. While these Camaro conversion have a definite love it/hate it following, the GTO version would surely offer the rarity of being more exclusive.

Continental Tires keeps attendees occupied here at the West Coast Customs display offering free pictures to show your friends or explaining to your wife. In any case, the girls of the show help break the monotony of viewing thousands of products while walking miles throughout the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Brian Deegan’s newly developed Metal Mulisha branded kit products by ProComp. The product styling matches the aggressive sportsmanship of Deegan with black finish offset by the Metal Mulisha logo skull. The “in your face” branding is carried onto the distinctly designed wheels and side steps for those who like to play hard and let others know their intention.

Brian Deegan also has an aggressive new exhaust built by Gibson. The exhaust tips are huge, loud and bare the signature Metal Mulisha logo. The megaphone styling lets everyone know you have arrived. I have heard this exhaust, if you’re looking for the loudest sounding exhaust note, I would venture to say this tops the charts.

Chevrolet had a cluster of new Camaros including the new ZL1, but the Hot Wheels themed “Green Chrome” stole the attention. According to GM, this was the first time a car was done in a chrome paint, not a wrap. Starting life as a Camaro SS, the car was outfitted with unique hood extractors based on the new ZL1 Camaro. A matte black accent surrounds the center hood and carries across the roof line down to the rear spoiler. Careful use of red pin stripping encircling the ZL1 grille and carried through the interior are reminiscent of the early redline tires offered on early Camaros as well as Hotwheels. The Hotwheels logo adorn the seats and accent the drivers side grille. What better to showcase this custom Camaro than a life size Hotwheels orange track.

While bike displays are not common, there are a few shared accessories that are easily displayed in a neat package. Quite possibly hard to discover in the photo, but this bike is displaying a fingerprint ignition control mounted into the tank. As you can can tell from the model’s expression, she is smiling knowing her bike is secured. Check out hundreds of car photos and truck photos from inside and outside SEMA 2011 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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