SEMA 2017 Was Largest On Record

by Robert Nimocks 11/5/2017

The 2017 SEMA in Las Vegas was the largest attendance in history. As usual the SEMA Show never disappoints to amaze everyone with its massive collection of automotive related products and services.

SEMA Show 2017 - Covered by Raw Horsepower

Every year I attempt to cover more square footage of the shows overall presence discovering to be all but impossible with amount of interesting displays gathering your attention. This year we added Robert Placencia to the staff and while his first SEMA show was a heavy initiation he covered it well providing photo and product support. We had a great opportunity this year to stop by to spend time with manufacturers and builders getting a different feel for the show. We limited our time to three days to allow time for Robert to get adjusted to the environment. I really got to experience the impact SEMA has while I watched his every action like a child in the largest toy store. Every year I am able to connect with many new people and have developed great relationships. Anyone in this industry who has not yet attended the SEMA show must commit and expand your business. The overwhelming number of products can keep your business in stride with competitors while gaining firsthand knowledge of the products from the manufacturers. There is a vast array of business seminars to keep you focused and excel in the industry. This year we set a new strategy to build our business coverage and have dedicated to cover the 2018 SEMA show everyday gaining full coverage and some of the best exposure. Some of our product spotlights can be viewed at SEMA 2017 Products. While gathering thousands of photos and narrowing down to a little over one thousand we can only showcase a small percentage. View our gallery of Photos from 2017 SEMA

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