SEMA 2018 Review

SEMA Show - Las Vegas
What an amazing show, being only my second year with Raw Horsepower, the show presentation greatly exceeded last years'. Starting with a media tour by Media Relations Manager Juan Torres I learned more about the over-whelming show from organization, setup and how to navigate easily to provide the best coverage. Next the light truck alliance showcase on Monday displaying some great products such as Bolt Lock whom we reviewed on Raw Horsepower.


Final event for Monday was the builders showcase revealing beautiful vehicles from the industries best automotive designers. While some of my favorite work was from Dave Kindig, I still have attachment to local town favorite Chip Foose whom a family member worked with at his dad Sam Foose's shop Project Design in Santa Barbara, California. While the builds covered cars and trucks from classic to new picking a favorite was near impossible and displays the caliber of projects created for the SEMA Show.

Chip Foose explains his 1957 Chevy build for SEMA 2018

Tuesday is the official start of the SEMA Show and the most spontaneous as thousands veer off to their favorite sections to get the lead on competition. While a booth sponsored display vehicle may attract buyers, they are sometimes more amazed by the vehicle design rather than their products but that’s the beauty of SEMA.


My favorite starting point begins with the Hot Rod area leading up to the Ford booth with a vast array of great products and incredible vehicles I can spend hours examining. The Ford booth recognizes people who have built substantial vehicles utilizing their products. From new builders to seasoned veterans its an honor to receive their awards and the publicity that follows.


Fan favorites are populated throughout the show while unusual concepts and subtle surprises appears such as a Ferrari powered 1967 Mustang with the sports car cues placed through the interior design.

Ferrari powered '67 Mustang

One of the favorite attractions for many show-goers is the Ford Out Front event. Featuring Ford products exhibiting horsepower through drifts and jumps around a pavement arena the fences are packed enthusiastic onlookers. Being fortunate enough to know one of the event drivers and also a Ford Rep we were able to capture some great moments inside the vehicles and out.


While the sheer size of the SEMA Show is colossal in a short amount of time, with my co-worker Robert Nimocks we captured over 1500 photos and 90 videos throughout the entire week. Amazing builds with innovative new products enhanced by the allure of celebrities and top industry icons we covered it all. Discover the newest trends by visiting our SEMA 2018 Gallery.