Bolt Lock One Key Solution Tested

For those of us who are looking for a vehicle gear locking solution, the options have been basic padlocks attached to everything from varying manufacturers ending up with a multitude of keys.

At a recent visit to the SEMA show in Las Vegas I met with Jason Buckles of Bolt Lock at the new product showcase. (or truck alliance). While Bolt Lock does offer padlocks and some other unique options, their all-in-one vehicle solutions offers the ease and simplicity of having just one key. The Bolt Lock products utilize your factory vehicle key to set the lock with the first use. What a great idea, with the exception of a few, people keep close tabs on their vehicle keys unlike miscellaneous padlocks and keys used periodically. While the concept sounded great along with demonstrations and online videos, I had to experience for myself.

My typical lock requirements center around pickup bed secured equipment for off road adventures in the Southwest states and Baja Mexico. With some friends having items stolen overnight in various hotel parking lots I’m always searching for improvements and innovations.

I started initially with two Bolt padlocks and expanded use from there. The first two locks were set easily with my factory key and used to secure spare wheels and a jack for a rough trip through Baja in my Ford Raptor.

Throughout the six-day trip the locks remained secure through rough terrain, jumps, high speed whoops, massive mud from rains and an extensive collection of hotel parking lots. I have added a receiver lock for trailer use, once again set with just my factory key.


After hearing of stolen spare wheel/tires in the local off-road community I found I was able to use my receiver lock through a wheel bolt hole to make mine a less desirable target for theft.

After experiencing the benefit of the single key concept, I added more Bolt padlocks and a cable lock to my collection. With everything bolted and strapped in the bed of my truck for a long pre-run through Southern Baja I utilized padlocks, cable locks and receiver locks to secure everything I could including wheels, jacks, coolers, air tanks and tools.


Since adding the Bolt Lock products, I no longer feel paranoid over my equipment as in the past. While nothing is completely theft-proof I know the locks are the strongest part of the solution and the comfort of having my truck key access everything aids the reduction of stress. They offer plenty of videos on their website as well as YouTube showcasing initial use, lock pick proofing and specific product. Jeep owners will like the addition of a spare wheel lug lock and a hood lock with protection plate in addition to the other great locks. They are available for a variety of domestic and foreign vehicles through stores and online retailers. Check Bolt Lock for more details.

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  1. Hey that’s the ticket. No more assorted padlock keys!
    I too like to go where seldom do- therefore I have to carry spares and supplies all over my rig. The dust cap is KEY also.
    Thanks for sharing this.

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